Kristina Rihanoff's former dance partner brands her a 'wild cat'

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  • 3 June 2015
Kristina Rihanoff

Kristina Rihanoff

Kristina Rihanoff's former dance partner Michael Wentink has branded her a "wild cat" and claims her provocative style of dancing is inappropriate

Kristina Rihanoff's former dance partner has branded her a "wild cat".

The professional dancer - who has been romantically linked with her former 'Strictly Come Dancing' partner Ben Cohen and previously dated another show partner, Joe Calzaghe, and dancer Vincent Simone - worked with Michael Wentink for two years until 2007 but he found her "inappropriate" way of dressing and "animalistic" dance style too much to handle.

He said: "Kristina is like a wild cat on the dancefloor and I simply found it all too much.

"She was very provocative and would always wear clothes that were very inappropriate.

"She loved wearing bra tops that showed off everything and short skirts that left little to the imagination.

"She pushed the sex button too much and exploited the whole thing.

"Nothing ever went on between us but I can see how relationships develop as you are dancing so closely to one another. But her animalistic style just didn't suit me."

And Michael admits Kristina's raunchy moves often left him feeling uncomfortable.

He added to Closer magazine: "She always wanted to dance so closely and would fling her legs around me.

"She is an attractive woman but it just felt uncomfortable. Ballroom and Latin dancing was supposed to be classy and sophisticated."

Kristina spoke out last month after she was branded a home-wrecker when Ben - who split from his wife last year - was seen leaving her apartment.

She said: "It is like now I've been drawn as a maneater and now I am not allowed to be anything other than that. My past should be allowed to be my past."

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