Paul Feig: Swearing is an artform

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 June 2015
Paul Feig

Paul Feig

Hollywood star Paul Feig has revealed he thinks "swearing is an artform"

Paul Feig thinks "swearing is an artform".

The 52-year-old star - who directed new action comedy film 'Spy' - has revealed the central role cursing played in his latest movie, which features Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and Jason Statham.

He explained: "Swearing is an art form and I had some really good minds on it. People were always giving me jokes and coming up with different creative ways to do it.

"When we first started (filming) I said to Jason (Statham), 'Say f**k here!' and he goes, 'Oh, we can swear?' Once I said yes they could swear then the floodgates just opened. He's another amazing swearer and who knew Rose Byrne would be such a great swearer?"

Paul also revealed himself to be a huge fan of the 'Carry On' franchise, but said he'd be reluctant to make another film in the iconic franchise without Sid James and Kenneth Williams.

He told 6Tribes: "I'm obsessed with the Carry On movies. Would I make one? Hmmmm, it is tempting ... but with Sid (James) gone ... I don't know if you could and without Kenneth Williams too."

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