Zedd blasts EDM music

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  • 3 June 2015

Musician Zedd

Music producer Zedd has blasted EDM music as 'boring' and says he does not want to be known as a DJ but a musician

Zedd has blasted electronic dance music for being "boring".

The musician - who recently split from singer Selena Gomez - has confessed he finds the music that brought him success in the charts to be uninspiring and he is ultimately "bored of it".

He said: "To be completely honest, I'm not very inspired by EDM at all. I have a really hard time listening to EDM and being like, "Wow, that's really inspiring, I want to do something like that."

The 25-year-old DJ - whose real name is Anton Zaslavski - collaborated with singer Foxes to create chart-topping EDM single 'Clarity in 2013 and has since produced the dance hit 'Break Free' for Ariana Grande, but insists he prefers to listen to bands such as Beatles to give him direction for his future music.

When quizzed about what influences his writing style, he revealed: "I'm way more inspired listening to, song-structure-wise, the Beatles. The Beatles have never stretched things unnecessarily if it didn't help the song.

"[In] dance music, you will sometimes find those structure of, like, a one-minute intro. And, like, why do you need a one-minute intro? That's not necessary at all. I kind of went about it in a very Beatles way. Or Queen is a huge influence for me. Bands like Silverchair and Radiohead. Feeder, Queens of the Stone Age."

And now he is distancing himself from electronic music, he admitted his next collection could be entirely different as it's "very well possible" he could release an acoustic record.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: "It's boring to stay the same. I can't make 'Clarity' 10 times. I'm bored of it; I made it once and I want to move on. It's important for me that my fans know I'm Zedd the musician, not Zedd the EDM DJ. And if I decide to make an acoustic album next time, which is very well possible, that's still me. My heart is in there. It doesn't mean that sonically the sound will be the same."

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