Andy Jordan won't be on Made in Chelsea LA

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  • 2 June 2015
Andy Jordan

Andy Jordan at the Malibu Rum Suite at The O2 in London

Andy Jordan won't take part in 'Made in Chelsea LA' because of work commitments in London, but insists it won't mark the end of his time on the show

Andy Jordan won't take part in the 'Made in Chelsea' Los Angeles spin-off.

The cast of the E4 reality show are set to jet off to California to shoot a special series over the summer, but the 25-year-old singer has revealed he is unable to join his pals because of other work commitments, having also missed out on last year's successful New York spin-off.

Asked if he would be taking part in the series, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I am not. Well, as it stands, I might go for a bit but I'm working right now. I missed the New York series. I have to do my other work as well."

Although he won't be able to take part in the series as a whole, he insisted it doesn't mean the end of his time with the show, and he is jealous of his friends who will be heading out to the US.

He continued: "By no means is it the end of 'MIC' for me but it's just very difficult.

"I hope they have the best time ever. I'm jealous."

Ahead of the 100th episode of the London-based show, Andy - who previously dated co-star Louise Thompson - also said the cast will be looking back at their history in a one-off episode, but is unsure whether old 'Made in Chelsea' regulars such as Caggie Dunlop and Hugo Taylor will be returning.

Andy, who was speaking to BANG Showbiz while watching Ariana Grande in the Malibu Rum Suite at The O2 in London, where he was enjoying a Pina Colada, added: "I don't know if anyone's coming back but, you know, it follows what's been going on at the moment. I hope that it embraces all the new characters. I think that there's a show that goes out before where we all talk about the past, which is very funny so I recommend people watching that, but yeah, it's exciting for us."

The news comes after Louise's boyfriend Alik Alfus - whom she met while filming in New York - told her he would be moving back to the US in last night's (01.06.15) episode.

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