Sarah Harding's hair hate

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  • 16 March 2008

Sarah Harding's hair hate

Sarah Harding hates her hair.

The Girls Aloud star has sported a variety of hairstyles - from a 'Star Trek' Dr. Spock style to a wild perm - but says she has never liked any of them.

She said: "I'm in transition with my hair right now. I'm growing it out. I hate it. I was a little like, 'Oh p**s off' with the Spock thing. That look is going to be big this year. Anyway, my bloke prefers me in the morning when I look like a little rat buster."

Sarah also said the public perception of her as a tough character couldn't be more wrong.

She added to Britain's More magazine: "People's perceptions of me are pretty warped. They see a character, but I'm a sensitive person and I'm an emotional wreck sometimes.

"I also say what I'm thinking which can get me in trouble. There's just no hiding from the cameras - it's warts and all!"

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Sarah Harding

Commercial pop by the singer and ex-member of Girls Aloud, Sarah Nicole Harding.

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