Maddie Heath dies on Coronation Street

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  • 2 June 2015
Maddie Heath actress Amy Kelly

Maddie Heath actress Amy Kelly

Maddie Heath - played by Amy Kelly - was killed off on 'Coronation Street' last night (01.06.15) after being blasted by a fire

Maddie Heath was killed off in last night's (01.06.05) episode of 'Coronation Street'.

Fans of the ITV soap were left distraught when young Maddie, who was played by Amy Kelly, failed to recover from the injuries she suffered during last week's dramatic fire and passed away while her girlfriend Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) sobbed by her bedside.

The latest twist adds a new dimension to the ongoing storyline linked to Sophie's father Kevin Webster's girlfriend Jenny Bradley, as Maddie was the only person who knew about her plot to kidnap Kevin's son Jack.

A source shared: "Has Maddie's death given Jenny a second opportunity to carry out her dastardly plan or has Maddie left a big enough clue from the grave to stop the kidnap plot? Only time will tell."

However, the soap's executive producer Stuart Blackburn is hoping the storyline will bring out the best in Sophie, who will be seen struggling with her emotions as she organises Maddie's funeral.

He said: "It's a coming of age story, Sophie is going to cope, she is going to deal with it.

"She will plan the funeral, obviously it's agony for her but it's time both the parents start seeing her as a young woman rather than a girl and that's what this story is about.

"The Websters are right at the heart of that. I have also been banging on for ages about how good Brooke Vincent is, you forget because you just think she's Sophie Webster who's been in it for ages.

"You will see how wonderful she is."

The latest death to rock Weatherfield comes just a week after Kal Nazir, who was played by Jimi Mistry, perished as a result of the same fire in Victoria Court, and Stuart believes they got it right by not killing off even more characters.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I think you can over do it, you can cross a line where it stops being credible and it looks callous with characters."

Amy made her 'Coronation Street' debut in December 2013 as homeless teenager Maddie who fell in love with Sophie after they met at a soup kitchen.

Although Sophie's mother Sally Webster took an instant dislike to Maddie, viewers had seen her accepted as part of the family in recent months.

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