Ariana Grande reveals new LP title to Twitter fan

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  • 1 June 2015
Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande revealed her new LP's title is 'Moonlight' to a fan on Twitter after her follower asked if that was the name of her next song and if it would also be the name of her album

Ariana Grande has unofficially confirmed the title of her new album is 'Moonlight', after a fan private messaged her on Twitter and leaked the singer's response.

On Friday (29.05.15) the 'Love Me Harder' hitmaker teased some lyrics from the forthcoming LP on Twitter.

Her post read: "I'm tryna talk to u...... there's a boy... n i don't quite know... what to do. (sic)"

The 21-year-old pop star then denied the lyrics were from her [at the time] rumoured single 'Moonlight'.

She followed it up with the post that read: "That's not from moonlight.... it's from the intro oops .... I'll let u hear a bit of sum soon even tho we got a while to wait..... u know how i can't resist sharing w my babes. No one can stop me lmao. (sic)"

Website Digital Spy has reported that a fan direct messaged Ariana with a query which read: "Moonlight is a new song? Or the name of the new album? Love you queen. (sic)"

To which Ariana replied: "Both."

Another fan questioned the 'Bang Bang' hitmaker about the fresh material, prompting Ariana to reveal further details about the track 'Moonlight', including that it was co-written by Victoria Monet, who has worked with her before.

Ariana stated: "it's a song i wrote with victoria one night that is v near and dear to my heart. my favourite/ the most special song ive got to this day. The story behind it is pretty f**kin cute / wonderful too. I'll tell y'all one day (sic)"

Ariana has since changed her Twitter profile to simply read "moonlight".

No official statement has been made as to when the LP will be released, what the title is and whether 'Moonlight' will be the lead single.

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