Davina McCall defends comments about marriage

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  • 1 June 2015
Davina McCall

Davina McCall

Davina McCall has defended her comments about women having to keep their husband's "satisfied in the bedroom" department in order to stop them from straying to insist she stands by her view

Davina McCall has defended her view that women need to keep their husbands "satisfied in the bedroom" in order to stop them from cheating.

The 'Long Lost Family' presenter was at the centre of a Twitter storm on the weekend after an interview in which she claimed men will "go somewhere else" if not satisfied by their wives was published and she's now spoken out to insist she stands by her comments.

Writing on her blog, she explained: "I do not submit to my husband, nor does he submit to me.

"My mum said, to keep your man happy, stay intimate.

"Sometimes, especially when the kids were very young and I was super tired, this was the last thing on my mind... has he ever coerced or pressured me? NO!!!

"But have I ever started feeling tired and finished feeling very happy? Yes!!

"Can't really believe I am discussing this...

"And every single woman I know feels the same.

"Really what my mum was saying, and I also believe, is that if intimacy goes, for months, or a year, then it's super hard to get back and it becomes 'a thing'.

"I love Matthew... and neither of us want that to happen... so we work at it! Together...

"i hope I make sense!"

The 47-year-old star - who has children Chester, Holly and Tilly with husband Matthew Robertson - also defended her comments about always wearing matching underwear to keep him happy.

She added: "Firstly, I do like to wear matching underwear...no biggy... I don't do it for Matthew... I do it for me.

"Does he like my matching nude t-shirt bra and pants? No, not particularly... does that stop me wearing it..? No.

"If I want to feel hot and sexy I wear nice undies... if I'm at work, and for practicality, I wear really boring ones... but always matching."

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