Nick Warren


Occupation Legend on the trance and progressive house circuit; one of the UK’s original superstar DJs/producers and former tour DJ to fellow Bristolians Massive Attack.

Where did he come from? Warren moved to Bristol in the mid-80s as a fresh-faced 20-year-old, before putting himself about the local clubs playing a mixture of styles. Eventually settling into a house-orientated groove in the early 90s, his status as the city’s top DJ was confirmed when Massive Attack made him their resident DJ on a tour of North America.

Where did he go from there? In one word: Cream. Warren’s reputation in Bristol got him the gig as the Liverpool club’s resident DJ, putting him in right at the ground floor of the 90s superclub explosion. As Cream became a household name, so too did Warren and the army of fellow DJs playing regularly at clubs like Ministry of Sound. Also helpful in raising clubland’s exploding profile was the boom in mix CDs. Warren was asked to contribute to the Mixmag Live! series as well as the early days of the Global Underground collection, before becoming the first DJ to put together one of the Back To Mine comps.

Any other business? The not-inconsiderable matter of Way Out West, Warren’s chart-friendly alter-ego alongside fellow producer Jody Wisternoff. Still making music to this day, WOW began their career with the ‘Montana’ single in 1994, and created a bona fide commercial dance classic in 1996 with ‘The Gift’. Although the day of the superstar DJ might have been and gone, a victim of evolution, the reputation which Warren built up at the time should stand him in good stead for many years to come.

Nick Warren plays Taste at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sun 10 Dec.

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