Britain's Got Talent dog Matisse has stunt double

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  • 1 June 2015
Jules and Matisse

Jules and Matisse

'Britain's Got Talent' winner Jules O' Dwyer has revealed her dog Matisse had a stunt double to perform his as he is "afraid of heights"

'Britain's Got Talent' winner Jules O'Dwyer admits she used a stunt double for her dog Matisse's final act as he is "afraid of heights".

Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse, who were crowned winners in last night's (31.05.15) live final, performed an entertaining routine in which a policewoman [Jules] chased after Matisse after he stole a string of sausages for his three-legged girlfriend and Jules has now revealed the stunt in which Matisse was seen climbing across a tightrope was performed by another dog.

Sh said: "Matisse's stunt double did [have a big role], actually every dog has a different character and Matisse is a little bit afraid of heights. Although he could physically do it, the other canine is the dog that actually did it, he's the dog that says I'm the action dog, he plays the double for him. Matisse, I don't want to give too much information but we decided what he was supposed to be doing because he likes to ad lib a lot. He's a bit of a diva."

Meanwhile, the crowned winner said she will spend the prize money of £250,000 on becoming a full-time dog trainer.

Asked what the cash prize means to her, she told ITV's 'Lorraine: "Financial security. I'm living the dream working and living around my beautiful dogs and train dogs at home for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Lots of special treats for my dogs. It allows me to do that more full time."


1. jane harris1 Jun 2015, 2:03pm Report

thats not fair to the other contestants that didnt cheat. she should not get her prize money

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