Duffy's Amy vow

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  • 15 March 2008

Duffy's Amy vow

Duffy has vowed not to follow the same self-destructive path as Amy Winehouse.

The 'Mercy' singer is adamant she won't get involved with drink and drugs like troubled Amy, because of an embarrassing alcohol-related incident in her teens.

Duffy, 23, said: "People compare me to Amy a lot but I don't think I'm in any danger of suffering similar pitfalls to her.

"One time, when I was 14, I had a few drinks at a small jazz club. It was all very illegal. After some fortifying alcohol I got on stage and sang my heart out. Afterwards a man said I was caterwauling. I was so mortified, I realised that kind of behaviour is just not me and never did it again."

Amy has developed a reputation for giving lacklustre performances while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Last November, at a concert in Birmingham the 'Rehab' singer was booed by fans after slurring her words and stumbling on stage.

Amy, 24, entered a London rehab clinic in January after footage of her smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine was released. She left just two weeks later to perform for the Grammys via a live satellite link-up.

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