Heather Mills' £25m payday

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  • 15 March 2008

Heather Mills' £25m payday

Heather Mills is set to receive £25 million in her divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCartney.

The former model - who split from The Beatles legend in 2006 after four years of marriage - will be awarded the lump sum on Monday (17.03.08), according to a leaked High Court preliminary judgement sent to both sides this week.

A source told London's Evening Standard newspaper: "The judgment has been made. The parties involved have received their copies. On an analysis of the case law Heather Mills was always going to receive around £25 million. I think it's fair to say the judge has not erred from that. The judgment is very thorough. Both sides are happy with the outcome."

Paul, 65, is believed to be worth around £825 million but Heather reportedly struggled to prove his total worth in court, leading to a smaller settlement than expected.

The source added: "It is always a problem in divorce cases proving what the husband is actually worth. In this case, like others, Paul had the information and it was impossible for Heather to prove otherwise."

Mr. Justice Bennett, who will rule on the case, is expected to produce two judgements - one for the public which avoids all mention of the couple's four-year-old daughter, Beatrice - and a full version for Paul, Heather and their legal advisers.

The source added: "It is an obvious way to satisfy the intense public interest and the right of both parties to at least an element of privacy. I don't think either side will object to the headline figures being made public."

It has been reported Heather will also receive 24-hour security, a nanny, a housekeeper, a travel budget and a personal trainer and Paul has agreed to settle her huge legal bills and her £2.2 million overdraft.

Heather - who represented herself in the court battle - has already been given £2 million in cash as an interim payment.

The pair's divorce battle has been one of the costliest in UK history. Legal bills alone are expected to reach up to £10 million.

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