MagicFest has plenty up its sleeve for families in 2015

MagicFest has plenty up its sleeve for families in 2015

The festival's creator Kevin McMahon tells us why illusions and spectacle are popular with kids

We all love a good trick or mindblowing feat of illusionism. There are even some of you who can’t get enough of people appearing to hammer nails through their own heads. But what does MagicFest have up its sleeve for kids and families this year? A fair bit, as it happens, with a family adventure called Magic Quest and a friendly competition entitled War of the Wizards taking centre stage.

‘The children's programme at MagicFest has grown each year, and in 2014 the children’s workshops all sold out, so there's definitely a lot of kids out there who want to learn magic,’ states Kevin McMahon, one third of Edinburgh’s Colour Ham comedy-magic gang and the founder of MagicFest. ‘Generally, magic is always popular with kids, from Roald Dahl to Dynamo to Harry Potter. Dreaming of having special powers is just what kids do and that's what magic is all about.’

Magic Quest and War of the Wizards might be very different events but both aim to be positive experiences for the kids involved. War of the Wizards will give young people the chance to show off their magic skills in front of a warm and friendly audience. And while there is an element of competition involved, all participants receive some kind of reward as well as feedback after their performance.

‘In Magic Quest, you have to work together to solve problems, overcome obstacles, even fight a dragon!’ explains McMahon who has his own show, Quantum Magic, at the festival. ‘It was inspired by the event we had last year at Camera Obscura, called Tower of Illusion. We wanted to make an event that places you inside a magical adventure and this is what we came up with. It's fun and fast moving with a few surprises along the way.’

MagicFest, Various venues, Edinburgh, Fri 26 Jun–Sat 4 Jul

Edinburgh International Magic Festival

MagicFest presents a virtual programme of close-up conundrums, mind-boggling illusions, comic cabaret and other feats of the impossible. The festival features workshops as well as shows.

Kevin McMahon: Quantum Magic

A fusion of state-of-the-art magic and science. Understand Quantum Physics in four minutes, have your thoughts projected into reality and witness an impossible levitation from just inches away.

War of the Wizards Under 18s

A chance to see the next Derren Brown before he hits the big time. The event is judged by a panel of professional magicians and non-magicians.

Magic Quest

Work together in a team of five to prevail in a fast moving, magical 'crystal maze' environment. Face six devious challenges, fight a dragon, solve mysteries and attempt some card throwing.

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