Comedy preview: Reginald D Hunter

Comedy preview: Reginald D Hunter

Credit: Kash Yusaf

American comic taps into his mellower side for a new tour

While there are many excellent comedians out there, you often wonder if some of them actually like doing what they do or whether it’s more of a compulsion. For Reginald D Hunter, the appeal of performing live comedy is multi-faceted. ‘I love stand-up. Every time something new works on stage, it's definitely a great high. It's really satisfying. And it makes me smarter. I spend a lot of time alone in hotels and airports, so when you're locked away you do a lot of thinking and come back smarter.’

Intelligent (if sometimes highly contentious) comedy has been the UK-based American’s calling card ever since he relocated here in the late 90s. Soon enough, popular and critical acclaim followed and he’s now one of the most vibrant and exciting performers on the circuit.

As he brings us a new show, The Man Who Attempted to Do as Much as Such, Hunter insists that he’s adopting a new mellower stance. ‘It's bad to be angry. Anger is very powerful, but it’s toxic. It'll burn you out if you fly on it for too long. All your emotions are your children, so if you leave them in the basement, eventually they're going to grow up and hate you.’