Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan's wedding gifts

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  • 24 May 2015
Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have reportedly splashed out on over £50,000-worth of Rolex watches as wedding gifts for each other

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have splashed out on Rolex watches for each other.

The couple - who are getting married over the Bank Holiday weekend - have reportedly spent a combined £52,000 on the fancy jewellery.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "They wanted to get something for each other that they would use every day. And they both love their bling. Some might say matching watches are a bit tacky but these aren't just cheap knock-offs.

"They'll last them a lifetime, like they hope their marriage will. £52,000 might seem like a lot but they actually got them at a discount so it could've been a lot more."

Meanwhile, Mark spent one of his last days as a bachelor on the golf course with his pals as part of his fourth stag party.

The group have already jetted to Las Vegas for a week as well as enjoying a weekend in Spain whilst a recent stag party in Essex reportedly left Max's future father-in-law so drunk he was not allowed back into the nightclub.

For the most recent stag celebration, Mark and the group took part in a Ryder Cup-style competition in Suffolk Golf Club, just a few moments away from the wedding venue - Hengrave Hall.

Following their golf competition - which Mark's team is said to have lost - the group enjoyed dinner in Bury St Edmunds before heading to catch the James DeGale fight at a nearby sports bar.

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