Get fixed with new festival, Unfix

Get Fixed With a Festival

Butoh bodies evolve into a freethinking festival

Unfix is essentially a brand new festival,’ explains artistic director Paul Michael Henry. ‘It has its roots in my work with Butoh internationally, and specifically the Moving Bodies Butoh tour that happened at the CCA last year.’

Henry is already recognised as a prime mover within Butoh – leading workshops across Scotland, and his interests in spirituality and performance have led him to develop a festival that celebrates ecology and renewal.

Unfix is conceived as an act of love, a bear hug to the world, a prayer of sorts,’ he adds. Unfix is welcoming film, live art, visual and contemporary art, political and climate activists, philosophical and spiritual thinkers to go at this whole issue in a communal stab at Enlightenment!’

Ecology is not merely a matter of environment: Unfix recognises a wider definition that sees social activity, even the body’s behaviour, as relationships and ecology. The festival’s vision is not merely about presenting performance, but working towards a discussion of how the individual can be part of a greater whole.

As Henry concludes: ‘To lapse into tag-line speak, Unfix conceives individual human lives as a microcosm of the whole: climate change and ecological transformation are happening inside your body, right now!’

Unfix Festival

A festival of performance art that mixes live art, films, workshops and installations that centre around a central theme: ecology.