Eurovision: the Twitter accounts you should be following

Eurovision: The Twitter accounts you should be following,Eurovision: The Twitter accounts you should be following

The social media lubricants any self-respecting Eurovision viewing party demands

Eurovision. It comes round faster every year. Before you know it, the General Election has been and gone and it’s time to exercise your real democratic right. You know, the important one. Whether you’re planning to drink your way through it, watch ‘ironically’ (or not-so-ironically – no judgement here), or if you’re going to be posting about how awful it is all night, secretly having the time of your life, we know who of the Twitterati will be joining you and why you should follow them.

Frankie Boyle
Frankie’s annus mirabilis was back in 2012, when he went hell for leather with his own snarky commentary to rival Graham Norton’s blander televised fare. Someone who hates everything the show has to stand for is definitely worth a punt if you’re feeling sceptical yourself, but run for the hills if you’re easily offended.

Jack Whitehal
The antithesis of Frankie Boyle. Claiming that he ‘can’t wait for Eurovision’, Whitehall is possibly the perfect viewing partner. Mildly camp, mildly outrageous and mildly funny (so, like Eurovision itself), he’ll be like your best mate after a few too many sherries.

Caitlin Moran
In 2013 Moran penned an impassioned tribute to the contest, bemoaning the UK’s entry in comparison to the pomp, circumstance and giant skirts of the other countries. ‘Once a year, a whole continent pours out into your room, popping its tits off. Why would you not watch?’ she queries and we agree. If anything, she’ll leave you laughing uncomfortably with insights like this:

Not one to shy away from chipping in on the topic du jour, you can bet Limmy’ll be watching. So inspired was he by last year’s contest, he took to YouTube to explain the role Eurovision plays in keeping the peace in an entirely sincere manner.

Terry Wogan
Now that he doesn’t have to stick to what the Beeb want to hear (not that he was much for that towards the end of his time spent as host), Wogan can (and should) fully embrace his drunk uncle role on Twitter in ways we could only have dreamed about before.

The Queen

Now, nobody knows for sure that it’s not her majesty herself behind this Twitter account, but branding yourself as ‘FICTIONAL/SATIRE’ seems exactly like something she’d do. Last year Liz got well into it, so you can expect the opinions of her, Philip and the corgis again this time round. If you’re up for getting involved yourself (and don’t pretend you’re not), you’d do worse than keep track of the Conchita Wurst-endorsed hashflags – each country gets its flag in the shape of a cute little heart for Twitter users to abuse at will.

In case you’d forgotten, our entry is below.

The Eurovision Song Contest is broadcast on Sat 23 May on BBC 1 from 8—11.35pm

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