Muse: New album is us 'losing our minds'

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  • 21 May 2015
Rock band Muse

Muse's Chris, Matt and Dom

Muse's new album 'Drones' sounds like the band "losing our minds a bit"

Muse's new LP sounds like the band "losing our minds a bit".

The three-piece group - featuring Matthew Bellamy, Dom Howard and Chris Wolstenholme - believes they "lost sight" of what they should be aiming for when they made 2012's 'The 2nd Law', so decided to get "back to basics" with their new album, 'Drones'.

Dom explained: "By our standards, ['Drones'] is back to basics.

"For the first time, the three of us in a room, eyeballing each other again. I think on 'The 2nd Law', producing it ourselves, we spent so much time in the control room that we lost sight of ourselves as a band.

"We wanted to push the boat out on 'Drones'. For that reason, it's very diverse - it's the sound of us being very experimental and losing our minds a bit."

And while they have tackled social issues on the record, frontman Matt confessed his recent split from his fiancée, actress Kate Hudson, has also impacted the album.

He told NME magazine: "Look. We had a great relationship, she's a lovely person, we're better off as friends.

"It's difficult for me to pinpoint anything on the album specifically about that ... except that when someone suddenly finds themselves outside of a relationship, they ponder things, they think over the points in their lives when they think things didn't go the way they expected them to... It's the fact that I reconnected with all the points in my life where I felt alone or outside."

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