Katie Hopkins blasts single mothers on Blinging Up Baby

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  • 20 May 2015
Katie Hopkins leaving Loose Women

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins, the outspoken Sun columnist has attacked single mums on Channel 5's 'Blinging Up Baby' documentary saying they need to get jobs

Katie Hopkins has hit out at single mums from new documentary 'Blinging Up Baby' for not having jobs.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' star attacked the mothers on the Channel 5 documentary - who spend a fortune on expensive and over the top clothing for their young kids - and has also mocked a six-year-old girl from the show, labeling her "obstinate" and "spoiled".

Katie's first twitter post read: "These #BlingingUpBaby mums are bonks. They all need one thing. A job. Correction. Two things; a job and a hobby.(sic)"

Followed by another crushing tweet, which read: "All the #BlingingUpBaby mums have two things in common. A love of crystals and a missing husband.(sic)"

But she wouldn't stop at trashing the women, she then turned on the young girl, with the post that read: "What Frankie lacks in looks she makes up for in being obstinate and spoiled. Dream child.(sic)"

Digging her heels even deeper Katie said the only reason they like to spend all their money on making their kids up was because they were unable to please their dads.

She posted: "The kids don't have a dad. So I am going to make up for it with a tutu and false nails. That's the spirit ladies #BlingingUpBaby(sic)."

'Celebrity Big Brother' star Luisa Zissman also tweeted about the documentary and appeared to be on Katie's side.

She tweeted: "Ah #BlingingUpBaby on @channel5_tv compulsive viewing......(sic)"

Followed by a post which read: "This is why we have a generation of girls who aspire to be with footballers & dnt mind being treated like doormats!! #BlingingUpBaby. (sic)"

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