Preview: Lucy Clout and Marianna Simnett What Will They See of Me?

Preview: Lucy Clout and Marianna Simnett What Will They See of Me?

credit: Courtesy of the artist

CCA showcases bold new video-work by Jerwood/FVU Awards 2015 winners

This exhibition sees the culmination of an ambitious yearlong project undertaken by winners of the Jerwood/FVU Awards 2015. Lucy Clout and Marianna Simnett were each awarded £20,000 to develop their very different moving-image works in response to the award brief: 'What Will They See of Me?’

Winning the prestigious award has allowed the artists to explore the boundaries of their practices. ‘I took frightening and exciting risks, which would have been impossible to achieve alone,’ Simnett explains. ‘My work grew in ambition, scale and confidence, and I worked with a larger crew for the first time; it felt like I was taken seriously.’

Her new work Blood is set against the beautiful backdrop of the Albanian highlands and its main protagonist is a young girl, Isabel, who must navigate the difficulties of childhood. ‘It’s my most ambitious work to date and develops my interest in working with non-actors and warping existing realities.’

Clout’s video, like Simnett’s, is fantastical, and there is at times ambiguity about what is real/performed. Set in homogenous-looking hotel rooms, the protagonists are writers, bloggers and other media figures. Clout says of her work, From Our Own Correspondent: ‘During an interview, the interviewer and subject play both the roles of performer and audience at various times within the exchange, and it is this power dynamic that interests me.’

What Will They See of Me?, CCA, Glasgow Fri 29 May–Sun 12 July

Further info:
Simnett: Upcoming solo show at Comar . Will participate in Park Nights 2015
Clout: Has work in the Selected V touring programme (will arrive at CCA on 28 May)

Jerwood/FVU Awards 2015: 'What Will They See of Me?'

New commissions from the Jerwood Award-winning artists.

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