Best Eurovision games to play when the big night arrives

Eurovision 2015: games to play when the big night arrives

Austria's answer to the Bee Gees, the Makemakes / Thomas Ramstorfer

Everything you need to celebrate Europe's sparkliest event, from a drinking game to bingo to the all important sweepstake

Music fans (we use that term loosely) be prepared: the big day is almost upon us. Participating countries have selected their representatives, Graham Norton is primed and ready for some right-on-the-line commentating, and roughly a metric tonne of sequins and glitter have been shipped to Vienna ahead of Saturday's live show.

Yes, the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is coming, and whether you are attending a party, watching the action in a bar or you prefer to celebrate privately, we've got you covered with a range of games to play on the night.

'Well, don't get on the wrong train, don't fly in an old plane, don't go out in the pouring rain, you might get wet I'd be upset'

Nope, that's not an extract from Dr Seuss' safety manual. Those are lyrics taken from 'Still in Love with You', the UK's 2015 entry, courtesy of Electro Velvet. With that in mind, you'll probably need a drink.

Here are ten rules to get you started (you do the rest, if you're half as imaginative as Electro Velvet, you'll be fine).

Graham Norton sounds incredulous: one sip
A dancer's legs move as if independent from their body: two sips
Is that a hologram?: one shot
Novelty twin act: down it
Someone makes uncomfortable eye contact with the camera: swap drinks
Unsettling pre-recorded video: one shot
Booing? Awkward: one sip
Right, now they're just jumping around on stage: two sips
Someone asks if you remember Lordi: one shot
You're swept up in the emotion of it all: no drink (that would never happen)

Grafters that we are, we've created a printable bingo card for you to take to your event. If you were a true Eurovision fan, your dabber would be made of glitter and raw emotion.
Eurovision Bingo Card

Did you know that you can find the lyrics to Eurovision songs online? Of course you did, you're a technological wizard, just look how well you printed off that bingo card. You must use this skill to oversee the singalong to end all singalongs (or you can just subtitle the show, whatever you fancy, really).

Before the big event, ask everyone in your group to contribute £1, and to pick a country out of a bowl (or hat, or bucket – the receptacle is really up to you). Dress up as your country to watch the show, and should that country win? You'll be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Well, you'll probably have enough to buy the next round.

Enjoy, folks, and remember: Eurovision responsibly. Yes, we did just use Eurovision as a verb. That's how important it is.

Everybody dance!

The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, Sat 23 May, 8pm, BBC One

Feel free to cringe at cheer 'Still In Love With You' in a capella by the UK's Electro Velvet:


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