Whoever said money can't buy happiness...

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  • 12 March 2008

Not for nothing did a wise woman once surmise: "Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to shop."

Retail therapy: that ultimate rush when the seemingly unobtainable becomes a bona fide reality. Whatever you want, the Amex Moneyback credit card can help you make it happen, from that once in a lifetime experience to that last minute weekend break to one of Europe's hippest hot spots.

With just a few spare £s to invest, the opportunities are endless. Head through to Glasgow and spend the day second hand shopping or splash out on Edinburgh's Princes Street and pick up that great pair of heels or that must-have shirt.

Take the time out to enjoy yourself: try a new band or head to one of the summer's biggest and best music festivals, check out the latest rib-ticklers at the local comedy club or spend all day at your local cinema catching up on movies; buy your favourite author's book and lounge in a café for a full day reading, or treat someone to a 3-course meal at that restaurant you have always wanted to try.

Look too for the long term potential: invest in a piece of art or try your hands at a salsa class or ice climbing.

Whatever it is: Amex is here to help turn the talk into action. Enjoy it.

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