Tom Fletcher wants more children

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  • 17 May 2015
Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna - who already have 14-month-old son Buzz - have confessed they are keen to add to their brood and create a "nice size" family

Tom Fletcher and his wife want more children.

The McBusted singer and spouse Giovanna are already parents to 14-month-old son Buzz and want to expand their brood before the little boy gets too much older.

Giovanna said: "I reckon we'll have a nice size family. Im one of three and Tom is one of two. My dad is one of four and my mum is one of six. But we're not going to have six children.

"I think I'd like them to be close in age. Me and my siblings had two to three-year gaps between us so we were always playing together."

And Giovanna thinks Tom would love their family to be joined by a "daddy's girl".

She told New! magazine: "He's protective of Buzz but I Think he would be [really protective] with a daughter.

"Buzz is a mummy's boy - he's quite clingy - so I think Tom would revel in the fact that a little girl would be a daddy's girl.

"[I don't know how a daughter would change things], it depends on the type of girl you have. When Tom's sister Carrie came along, she ruled the house.

"If we had a Carrie, the house dynamics would change completely. I'm just looking forward to having another little one."

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