Rebel Wilson plays the roles other actresses 'don't want'

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  • 16 May 2015
Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson feels as if she takes on the roles other actresses "don't want" and can't understand why they aren't quick to snap them up

Rebel Wilson plays the roles other actresses "don't want".

The 29-year-old star insists the parts she goes for are always the "best" and she can't understand why other female actors aren't interested in them.

She said: "I pick up the roles other actresses don't want.

"When there are movies with two sisters and one's the uglier one, no actress wants to go for it. I'm like, 'Why not?' They're the best roles."

Rebel recently reprised her role as Fat Amy in 'Pitch Perfect 2' and she adores being with her castmates in the musical comedy.

She said: "We're like a big gang. We've stayed in touch since the first film and it was incredibly fun to get back together for some serious partying. Elizabeth Banks is our party leader."

The Australian star shot to global fame in 'Bridesmaids' and her role was specially written for her after she gave an impressive audition for a different part.

She told LOOK magazine: "It was my first job in America. For my audition, I went to meet [producer] Judd Apatow and Kristen Wiig and he said, 'Tell us about your love life. Go'. I kept talking for an hour while they filmed.

"I originally went for Melissa McCarthy's role but they said I was a bit too young for that, so they made up a new character because they liked my audition.

"And then the movie came out and it was like, 'Bang'. 'Bridesmaids' showed that women can be hilarious."

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