Naomi Watts' breast flight

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  • 12 March 2008

Naomi Watts' breast flight

Naomi Watts had to breastfeed her seven-month-old son Alexander to keep him quiet on a 14-hour flight.

The 'Eastern Promises' star - who is engaged to actor Liev Schreiber - revealed her unsettled son started crying as soon as they boarded the plane to go to Los Angeles from Sydney, Australia, so she was forced to whip out her boob to soothe him.

She said on US TV show 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': "That was the first time I felt guilty about getting on a plane. Fortunately, I can fly first class these days. The baby's with me, but he started screaming the minute we got on and didn't stop for a good 40 minutes.

"People literally stood out of their seats and gave me glaring eyes. I think they just feel a little p****d off that they spent so much money on a flight and they have to listen to that.

"He's too young for drugs! So I just put him on the boob!"

Naomi recently revealed she loves breastfeeding because it helped her shed her excess post-pregnancy weight.

She said: "Three weeks before we started filming my new movie 'The International' I decided that I better get into changing my body back again.

"And they gave me a trainer and it was very effective and also breastfeeding. That's how you drop weight. Even though you're just eating all the time he is eating too."

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