Big Brother's Jack turns down a £27,000 BMW

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  • 16 May 2015
Jack 'Pie Face' McDermott

Jack McDermott

As part of a task, Jack McDermott won a £27,000 BMW, but turned it down, because he wanted to stay in the house

'Big Brother''s Jack McDermott turned down a BMW worth £27,000 to stay in the house.

As part of a live twist, last night's episode (15.05.15) saw the 23-year-old McDonalds manager crowned the person who viewers believe should be the winner of the show at this point.

Jack was then called into the Diary Room where 'Big Brother' offered him the brand new car, which Jack wouldn't have been able to drive, as he hasn't passed his test. The twist was that if he accepted the BMW, he would have to leave the house immediately, and the £150,000 prize fund would not be awarded to the eventual winner.

Jack chose to turn down his prize and return to the House, leaving the prize fund untouched.

He said: "It's a no-brainer. I'm staying. We all came to play for the same thing. It might come back to bite me on the a**e but that's the choice I'm making. I'm staying in the house. I'm just going to carry on having fun and enjoying it."

'Big Brother' then dropped another bombshell on the housemates, and revealed that it was time for Nick Henderson - who has to nominate face-to-face throughout his time in the house due to the result of a previous task - to nominate.

He nominated Adjoa Mensah, explaining that it was "purely because I spoke to this person the least" and Sarah Greenwood, because she said money is her biggest turn-on in a task on Thursday night (14.05.15).

The rest of the housemates will nominate over the weekend.

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