Big Brother: Jack 'Pie Face' McDermott is a virgin

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  • 15 May 2015
Jack 'Pie Face' McDermott

Jack 'Pie Face' McDermott

Jack 'Pie Face' McDermott revealed that he has never slept with anyone before, during a task on Big Brother

'Big Brother' contestant Jack McDermott is a virgin.

The 23-year-old McDonalds manager - who refers to himself as 'Pie Face' - has confessed that he has never had sex with anyone during a task shown on the Channel 5 reality show last night (14.05.15).

The task involved the housemates being split into a boys team and a girls team, and required them to work out their fellow housemates' pasts.

Big Brother asked the girls team: "Which Housemate says his funniest sex story is that he has never had sex?"

They correctly guessed that it was Jack, leaving him feeling embarrassed.

Jack, who lives in Plymouth, previously ruled out any possibility of him popping his cherry in the house.

When asked about the possibility of romance before entering the Borehamwood compound, Jack told Digital Spy: "I ain't got no time for that. The only thing I love is Plymouth Argyle."

During the same task, Sarah Greenwood and Christian MJC got into an argument when Sarah was revealed to be the housemate whose biggest turn-on is money.

She insisted: "I'm not embarrassed by that whatsoever. I've been brought up to a certain standard, and I am not about to drop that."

Christian - who is an aspiring rapper - argued: "If someone wasn't rich now but has a plan, what would you say to that?"

Sarah replied: "I have never said I am attracted to money. Don't put words in my mouth. I would never expect a man of 18 or 19 to have money and a career."

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