National Theatre of Scotland’s Belong season continues worldwide

National Theatre of Scotland’s Belong season continues worldwide

Running from July to December, highlights include Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour, A Christmas Carol and Macbeth

The National Theatre of Scotland is set to tour the world, with visits to Japan, America and, um, Newcastle as part of their Belong season, which runs from July to December.

Yes, the company has reached the dizzy heights of the River Tyne with this new programme, which includes the world premiere of Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour – a new musical play based on The Sopranos by Alan Warner – that has been adapted by Lee Hall and directed by Vicky Featherstone. And relax, it’s about a school choir. It’s got nothing to do with a New Jersey-based American-Italian crime operation, in case you were wondering.

Bibliophiles will be pleased to learn that the season’s book strand is continuing, and is headed up by Graham McLaren’s adaptation of A Christmas Carol, which is making its international debut at Ann Arbor in Michigan. If you don’t already know the story of A Christmas Carol, you’re probably in need of a visit from the Ghost of Literature Past, so we won’t go into that just now.

Also on the book-based bill is Paul Bright’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner, written by Pamela Carter, directed by Stewart Laing and performed by George Anton. This production brings James Hogg's landmark novel to the stage once more, and will be performed as part of the Edinburgh International Festival.

Parco Productions’ reinvention of NTS’ critically-acclaimed adaptation of Macbeth sees the Scottish play head to Japan, with tour dates in Tokyo, Aichi, Osaka, Kanagawa and Kitakyusyu. Leading Japanese actor Kuranosuke Sasaki will be reprising Alan Cumming’s role as Macbeth (and everyone else in the play for that matter), in this production set in a psychiatric unit.

Other highlights include Vox Motus’ Dragon, a wordless piece of theatre for adults and children, which is touring to the Edinburgh International Festival, Glasgow and Dundee; and To Begin, which has been created by the people of Wigtown and Forres, and is made up of new productions inspired by real-life journey stories.

Speaking on the season, Laurie Sansom, Artistic Director of the National Theatre of Scotland, said: ‘Most of us want to belong. The bosom of the family might make us feel safe, or like running to the hills. Sometimes it’s not always easy to fit in. The embrace of community can protect and it can stifle.

‘Our Belong season continues as we celebrate and emotionally navigate the tumultuous worlds of teen tribes. A group of Catholic school girls from Oban takes the trip of a lifetime to Edinburgh; we experience their tribal loyalties and the unique joy of friendship and rebellion that only teenage years can bring. In the exquisite Dragon a teenage boy in Garnethill, Glasgow struggles to find his place in the world following the death of his mother, finding solace in extraordinary friends. We are thrilled to welcome communities in Findhorn and Dumfries to share stories of journeys they have undertaken, to escape and invent new identities. Young people will be a vital and vocal part of our audiences this season.’

The National Theatre of Scotland’s Belong season continues from Jul–Dec 2015.


The story of young Tommy who, one night, discovers a dragon outside his bedroom window.

Paul Bright's Confessions of a Justified Sinner

In 1987, Paul Bright, a rebellious young Scottish director set out to stage James Hogg’s cult novel Confessions of a Justified Sinner in a series of radical productions across Scotland. In 2010, Untitled Projects began work with the actor George Anton to assemble an archive and exhibition of this almost-forgotten feat of…

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