Phillip Schofield defends This Morning naughtiness

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  • 15 May 2015
Phillip Schofield

Philip Schofield

'This Morning' presenter Phillip Schofield has told critics of the show to "bugger off" for complaining about raunchy segments

Phillip Schofield has told critics of 'This Morning' to "bugger off".

The 53-year-old TV host has hit back at viewers who complained to industry watchdog Ofcom about raunchy elements of the ITV show, such as recent segments about '50 Shades of Grey'-inspired bondage and breast cancer checks.

He said: "Oh Christ, they drive me bloody mad. My Twitter profile now just says: 'If you are pedantic or professionally outraged, jog on'.

"We had a bondage item on a while ago. A woman tweeted me after we done the item saying 'I am absolutely bloody outraged at 'This Morning'. I will never watch again.'

"I said 'Which bit outraged you?' and she said 'I am going to go home this evening and I will watch and then I will let you know'.

"You are cross because somebody else has made you cross but you don't know why. Bugger off."

Phillip also expressed surprise over recent criticism of a feature about breast cancer checks, which he said could help save lives.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We had a breast cancer item on the other day and I could not believe people had complained that we had shown a woman who was checking herself for breast cancer. I was like 'Pull yourselves together. Are you serious?'

"We ended up with countless people who quietly got in touch who said they had found something and said they were going to their doctor.

"Of course the chances are that will turn out to be nothing but if you look at the list over the years that Denise and Dr Chris have saved, it is incredible so I love that."

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