Nick Grimshaw doesn't have a love life

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  • 13 May 2015
Nick Grimshaw

Nick Grimshaw

Nick Grimshaw claims he doesn't have a love life because he has to get up so early to go to work as the host of the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

Nick Grimshaw doesn't have a love life because of his job.

The Radio 1 DJ has to go to bed early during the week because he needs to be up early to host the station's breakfast show, so he reserves the weekends to catch up with friends, leaving him with little time for romance.

Asked how his love life is, he said: "I don't have one. People think I'm lying but I don't.

"I've seen people this year but nothing serious.

"The thing is, if I want to go on a date with someone, I can't during the week. What am I going to do? Go for dinner at 6pm?

"And at weekends, I want to see my friends.

"I really need to sort it out, so I'm not like ye olde spinster."

Nick claims his work has made him "boring" and he even throws pals out of his house if he thinks they have stayed too late in the evening.

Discussing having dinner parties and whether he has to ask people to leave so he can go to bed, he told heat magazine: "Oh yes and I'm really blatant about it. I just start turning lights off.

"If people come, they have tea at 6.40pm and I get into bed around 9.30pm.

"It's taken two years to get my head around the fact that if I go to bed early, I don't feel awful the next day.

"I can't imagine going out drinking the night before now. I'm so boring."

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