Lawson's LP delayed due to frontman's liver failure

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 May 2015


Lawson's second album was shelved in 2014 as frontman Andy Brown suffered liver failure

Lawson's second LP was delayed as Andy Brown reveals he suffered live failure.

The 'Taking Over Me' hitmakers had just finished writing their follow up album to 2013's platinum-selling 'Chapman Square' and were due to fly to Nashville to record it. Two weeks later he was hospitalised and diagnosed and faced with needing a transplant.

Andy, 28, revealed to The Independent newspaper: "The head of my record label then called me up, all concerned, like ... That's when I knew things were serious."

Meanwhile, his family and bandmates - Ryan Fletcher, 25, Joel Peat, 24, and Adam Pitts, 24 - were left not knowing if he would pull through.

While doctors still don't know the reason for his liver failing, as it happened after a night boozing, it's suspected his drink could have been spiked.

He said: "And that's happened to me before ... Couple of years ago, in London."

When asked how it happened, he explained: "Don't know how it happened, really, or why. I guess I might be a target, if anyone recognises me. I've looked into this, and it happens a lot, spiking drinks. More than you'd think."

Before now he hadn't gone public about his serious illness and the band carried on, despite doctors advice to cancel tour dates.

Andy said: "We'd already sold 5,000 tickets."

By late 2014 the band were able to record their delayed LP and Andy was crossed off the transplant list as he recovered on steroids.

Lawson's single 'Roads' is set for release on 24 May with the album due for a summer release.

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