Pippa Goldschmidt – The Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space (4 stars)

Pippa Goldschmidt – The Need for Better Regulations of Outer Space

An inventive short fiction collection, which blurs the lines between science and the surreal

Pippa Goldschmidt – the author of The Falling Sky, with a PhD in astronomy – presents a collection of scientific short fiction, depicting a lesser visited world of observatories and laboratories populated by mathematicians, technicians and scientists.

In the collection, we enter the thoughts of history’s heavyweights of science; Albert Einstein is confronted by an imagining of his illegitimate daughter as he rides the lift to his mistress' flat; Alan Turing finds himself trapped in his own imitation test; and Robert Oppenheimer, inventor of the atomic bomb, is a socially awkward student at Cambridge with murderous intent. Most characters are isolated, unable or unwilling to bond with colleagues or partners. They use science to understand their personal worlds, as well as the world at large. The narrative tone is factual, analytical and honest, drawing directly into the individual's most intimate thoughts.

Goldschmidt’s prose is endlessly inventive, blurring the lines between science, the surreal and the absurd. Unafraid to question, the collection explores the experience of women in a male-dominated profession, of the descendents of Jews who survived the war and, as the title suggests, the lack of regulations regarding outer space.

Out on Mon 11 May, published by Freight

Pippa Goldschmidt: The Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space

The writer discusses her new short story collection, The Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space.

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