Lauren Frazer-Hutton: I don't want Spencer Matthews to meet my dad

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  • 11 May 2015
Lauren Frazer-Hutton

Lauren Frazer-Hutton

Lauren Frazer-Hutton has confessed she's worried about her reformed lothario boyfriend Spencer Matthews meeting her dad

Spencer Matthews' girlfriend Lauren Frazer-Hutton doesn't want him to meet her dad.

The 'Made In Chelsea' star has been dating Lauren since last year and she's even joined the E4 show but the 28-year-old beauty has now confessed she's been trying to avoid introducing him to her father.

Asked if they've met each other's families, she said: "Yes, but he hasn't met my dad. I'm holding off! He's started watching 'MIC', which is worrying. The episodes so far haven't been complimentary of our relationship."

However, despite admitting she's sceptical as to whether or not her old man will like him, Lauren admits the 25-year-old hunk is nothing like the person he appears to be on reality TV.

Asked if she gets offended when he plays down their relationship on-screen, she told new! magazine: "I'd rather not see it! I've had a key to his place since the beginning of the year and I watched him say, 'I'm not ready to give her a key'. He's trying to look cool in front of his mates. I let him, it doesn't bother me. I'm comfortable with him and know how he feels about me."

Speaking about what he's like behind closed doors, the stunning brunette added: "He's so sweet and considerate! He does so many romantic things. I had a bad day and he bought me a big pink fluffy unicorn - and he makes me breakfast in bed."

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