Fox cancels The Mindy Project after three series

Fox cancels The Mindy Project after three series

Hulu in talks to pick up The Mindy Project after the show is cancelled by Fox

Only three series into The Mindy Project – Fox's show about everyone's favourite New York OB-GYN – low viewing figures have led to its cancellation.

While the show was never a ratings leader, it gained a cult following, most notably on social media, thanks to Mindy Kaling's portrayal of hopelessly romantic career woman Mindy Lahiri. After a tumultuous few years in her life, the series ended earlier this year with Danny (Mindy's frenemy-cum-love interest) getting on a plan to ask her parents' permission to marry her. Let's not forget the fact that he's already knocked her up – will we ever get to meet baby Dandy? Talk about cliffhangers.

All is not totally lost, though, no matter how hard social media grieves. The show is produced by NBC Universal, so the studio has the right to pitch it anywhere. Streaming service Hulu (also owned by NBC) is apparently in talks to pick up the show for two further series; an obvious step forward as Hulu owns the streaming rights to all the show's episodes. Such a move makes logical sense, given the success of previous shows to make the TV-to-online leap: Arrested Development jumped from Fox to Netflix after three series, and Dan Harmon's Community did five series at NBC before being picked up by Yahoo! Screen for a sixth. Added to this, there's Tina Fey's latest The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which earned rave reviews after premiering on Netflix.

Naturally, fans have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions (none of which are overdramatic in the slightest) about the show's demise:

No matter what happens, fans of Kaling don't have to be depressed for too long as her second book Why Not Me? is released in September. A collection of personal essays that explore her Hollywood life and friendship with BJ Novak, Why Not Me is a follow-up to her memoir Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

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