The Darkness are back with a new album: a reminder

The Darkness are back: a reminder

Five things you need to know about glam rockers The Darkness

The Darkness are back with a new album, Last of Our Kind, which frontman Justin Hawkins describes as 'medieval rock, but [it] still sounds like The Darkness.'

It’s the band's first album since 2012, so you might be due a reminder of who, what, where and why. We've summed up the five things you need to know about The Darkness.

1. They Believe in a Thing Called Love
The third single from their debut Permission to Land, 'IBiaTCL' was the song that catapulted The Darkness to fame and number two in the charts. Designed to launch them in the US, the song encapsulated the spirit of the band: glam, tongue-in-cheek and … often incomprehensible.

2. They love a jumpsuit
Taking both his musical stylings and dress sense from glam rock, frontman Justin Hawkins' fondness for jumpsuits was inescapable. He popped a load on eBay after The Darkness split (averaging £200 a pop); no word if they'll be back this time round.

3. They very nearly had a Christmas number one
Adopting the usual Christmas song structure, 'Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End)' talks of snow, presents and joy. It also makes reference to the meat and two veg you won't find on the Christmas dinner table. The song was tipped to take the number one spot in 2003, but got stuck at number two, after being narrowly beaten by relative unknown Gary Jules and Michael Andrews with their cover of 'Mad World'.

4. They’ve been to the dark side with drugs
Permission to Land's 'Givin' Up' was a clear ode to heroin ('I've ruined nearly all of my veins / sticking that fucking shit into my arms') while on 'One Way Ticket' from their second album, Hawkins turns his attention to cocaine. Unsurprisingly, Hawkins spent some time in rehab in 2006 after claiming to have spent £15,000 on coke in three years.

5. They are ever-changing
The group began with brothers Justin and Dan Hawkins (guitar) with Frankie Poullain on bass, then Frankie left to be replaced with Richie Edwards, then the group kinda split and became Stone Gods, while Justin toyed with being British Whale for a bit. Then they came back with Frankie in tow again, and then they had a new drummer in the shape of Emily Dolan Davies, who replaced Ed Graham, but who has now ‘parted ways’ with the group. Keeps people guessing, we suppose.

Last of Our Kind is out on Mon 1 Jun. You can listen to their new single below.

The Darkness

The classic rock revivalists return from the wilderness.

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