Gogglebox stars get 'over-excited' at celebrity parties

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  • 6 May 2015
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Gogglebox stars Stephen Webb and Chris Seed get too excited at VIP functions with free alcohol

'Gogglebox' star Chris Steed vomited outside Buckingham Palace.

The 43-year-old Brighton-based hairdresser - who is a regular on the show along with pal Stephen Webb, 38 - admitted they frequently get "over-excited" when they are invited to fancy celebrity parties, which once resulted in him throwing up outside the Queen's home.

Stephen confessed: "We got so drunk at one our driver had to pull over outside Buckingham Palace for Chris to throw up."

However, the pair say they have grown tired of drinking excessively at the parties, as "free bubbly" is commonplace for them nowadays.

Stephen added to Woman's Own magazine: "We used to get over-excited about the free bubbly."

The pair - who have featured in the popular Channel 4 show since its first series - were previously romantically linked, although they have since revealed they are just friends as things didn't work out between them.

Chris admitted: "We were actually a couple for the first series! But we decided that we're better as friends. So second series, we went into it as friends, but I think a lot of followers that watched the first series continued to think that we were a couple. I think that people just assume that, because we're two gay guys and we're really close."

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