EastEnders' Linda Carter 'terrified' Mick will leave her

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  • 5 May 2015
Linda and Mick

Linda and Mick Carter in 'EastEnders'

'EastEnders' actress Kellie Bright has revealed her character Linda Carter will be left "terrified" her husband Mick is going to leave her after giving birth to her baby and not knowing whether it's his or her rapist Dean Wicks'

EastEnders' Linda Carter is "terrified" her husband Mick will leave her.

The Queen Vic landlady, who is played by the actress Kellie Bright, is set to give birth after falling down the stairs and going into labour later next week and Kellie's admitted her character is worried her husband will leave her if they discover the baby's biological father is Dean Wicks, who raped her last year.

She said: "She's scared that it might not be Mick's. She's terrified. There's a scene at the hospital where they talk about what it would mean for them - it's her biggest fear. She will do whatever she has to do to be the mother of that baby. If Mick can't be part of that, it can only mean one thing for them and that is just devastating."

Dean's mother Shirley Carter - who was also revealed to be Mick's mother - will be seen demanding they do a paternity test on the newborn, but the couple are keen to avoid finding out the truth.

Kellie told Radio Times magazine: "Mick and Linda have been burying their heads in the sand - because where do you go with it? How do you start that conversation and how do you finish it? What do you do? Where does it go? It's an impossible conversation to have in a way.

"Up until the moment that Linda goes into labour, the pair of them haven't been in the best place. How can they be with all that's been going on? Everything is so raw."

However, Mick - who is played by Danny Dyer - changes his mind about not wanting to know who the real father is after Dean pays a visit to the hospital and decides to find out his blood group.

Asked if she thinks the arrival of the baby will bring the Carter family back together, Kellie added: "Come on - this is 'EastEnders'! There's bound to be more tensions and arguments and I can't ever see it being a bed of roses. It will be nice for us a family unit, I think; but it will probably just cause more trouble for the extended family."

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