Gary 'Gaz' Beadle's girlfriend loves his navel

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  • 3 May 2015
Gaz Beadle

Gary 'Gaz' Beadle

Gary 'Gaz' Beadle's girlfriend Lillie Gregg has revealed one of her favourite things about the 'Geordie Shore' star is his navel

Gary 'Gaz' Beadle's girlfriend loves his belly button.

The 'Geordie Shore' star has been dating fashion designer Lillie Gregg since last year and she's revealed what it is about the former lothario that made her fall in love.

She said: "Gary's so sweet, considerate and really patient. Oh, and I love his bellybutton."

And while Lillie claims it's his body she fell for, Gary insists it's her "down to earth" nature that made him finally settle down.

He shared: "She's sweet, innocent and down-to-earth. She works hard - a lot of girls might want to go out with me for my money and holidays, but she's not like that."

The couple - who first met while on a night out in Birmingham - didn't get off to the best start, however, as Lillie was put off by his womanising reputation on the MTV show.

The 27-year-old star explained: "I met her in a nightclub in Birmingham last summer. I texted her, but she never texted back! I just thought, 'I'm really trying here, why won't she reply?'"

Lille added to Now! magazine: "I just thought, 'Oh it's Gaz!' When I met him I told him I wasn't the kind of girl he was looking for, although by the end of the night I thought he was lovely and quite cute. But I never thought it would go anywhere."

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