5 Reasons To Go See - Jean Michel Jarre

Jean Michel Jarre
  1. He’s an Oxygenius
    Sorry, terrible pun to start with. Jarre’s revolutionary album Oxygene changed the face of popular music (trust us, you’d know if you heard it) on its release three whole decades ago. To celebrate the 30-year anniversary, he’s gonna be performing the whole thing in its entirety on this tour.
  2. It’s a first
    For the first time ever, the 59-year-old musician and composer is performing his classic album absolutely live with no backing tracks or hard disk back up. He’s also doing it on all the original old analogue synthesizers he used (see picture above), which are now mostly antiques.
  3. And we’re getting it first
    For some reason, the French fancy has chosen to launch his world tour in Glasgow – so we’re getting the first sniff of the whole crazy escapade. Who are we to argue?
  4. He’s a pioneer
    Jarre pretty much single-handedly popularised various genres, from electronica to synthpop to ambient. Without him there would be no Daft Punk or Air, which is reason alone to bow down before the bouffanted, silken-shirted enigma.
  5. He’s a record breaker
    Jarre has several times held the world record for the largest ever gig, most recently in 1997, when he played before a remarkable 3.5 million people (yes, that’s right) for Moscow’s 850th anniversary.

Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Sun 16 Mar.

Jean-Michel Jarre

Famous for his spectacular laser and light effects, the electronic composer recreates his oceanic soundscapes on analogue synthesizers.

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