Amanda Holden's sister is safe in Nepal

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  • 30 April 2015
Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden's sister will be returning home from Nepal in "a couple of days"

Amanda Holden's sister will be returning home from Nepal in "a couple of days".

The TV presenter spoke to her sister Debbie on the phone live on 'This Morning' with Phillip Schofield, and said that she's now at the bottom of Mount Everest, which she was climbing when the earthquake happened, and is now waiting for a small aeroplane to take her to Kathmandu to get a flight home.

Debbie said: "We've heard that there's a lot of trouble in Kathmandu because there aren't many flights. We were waiting up in the mountains until we had definite flight possibility, and we've heard that we can get a flight home in two days, which is why we've decided to come back down."

Debbie - who was climbing with a friend - also revealed that the walk back down had been "tricky", having had to do two days worth of walking in one day.

She said: "It has been quite a tricky walk back down, we're absolutely worn out, we did two days worth of walking in one day today, so we could get the flight. Fingers crossed we get back to Kathmandu".

Debbie added that, while the area she's in hasn't been as badly affected by the earthquake as other parts of Nepal, she's seen some people carrying 104 kilos worth of supplies "just to repair their houses" on her way back down Mount Everest.

She said: "We've met many people who are carrying supplies and things back, some people with around 104 kilos of supplies just to repair their houses. This area is not as badly affected as other areas, fortunately, but we've seen a lot of devastation on our way back today."

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