Coronation Street's Jack P. Shepherd wants Callum to win custody of his stepson

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  • 30 April 2015
Jack and Sean in 'Corrie'

Jack P. Shepherd and Sean Ward in 'Coronation Street'

Jack P. Shepherd has confessed he wants his 'Coronation Street' character David Platt's arch rival Callum to get custody of his son Max to make the storyline more "interesting"

Jack P. Shepherd wants Callum Logan to win custody of his stepson on 'Coronation Street'.

The 27-year-old actor, who plays David Platt on the ITV soap, has revealed he wants his arch rival Callum (Sean Ward) to win their court battle and be given custody of his biological son Max because he thinks it will make the storyline more "interesting".

He said: "The viewers are all on David's side - they want to see him keep the kids. But personally, I'd like Callum to get custody because it would be more interesting."

Jack - who has starred as David since 2002 - wants producers to throw a spanner in the works so that he can go back to playing "angry David".

He added: "It could tip David over the edge, and I like playing angry David. I think the viewers still like to see angry David every once in a while, too!"

However, while Jack is keen for David to lose his stepson, his character has other plans and is set to kidnap Max in upcoming scenes.

He explained: "It's very spur of the moment - they get on the train and set off without really knowing what to do next. They end up staying in a hotel in Liverpool while David hatches a plan to book them some flights. He has to wait a day or two to get tickets to where he wants to go - and that's when Callum manages to get wind of what David's up to."

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