A Toys Orchestra - Technicolor Dreams (3 stars)

A Toys Orchestra - Technicolor Dreams



Written rule in music number 14: Europeans of the continental type make horrible, horrible pop music. Of course, there are a few examples which dilute this tenet (ABBA and, um, A-ha?). And when it comes to Italians and pop, you can largely fuggedaboutit. Joe Dolce? Renee and Renata? That bloke who collaborated with Paul Young? Oh, madon’.

And yet, here’s A Toys Orchestra, who have not been disgracing The Boot for over a decade and still making a credible indie-ish rock malarkey. Making a sterling recovery from track one’s intro, which disturbingly mirrors Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’, ATO run the gambit of shouty pop (‘Cornice Dance’), melodic indie (‘Letter to Myself’) and jerky electro (‘Ease off the Bit’). Come play with them.

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