Channel 5 announces Big Brother: Timebomb

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  • 29 April 2015
Emma and Rylan

Emma Willis and Rylan Clark

Channel 5 have announced the upcoming series of 'Big Brother: Timebomb'' will see contestants face various "tasks, secret missions and twists" while Big Brother messes with the "concept of time"

Channel 5 have announced the start of 'Big Brother: Timebomb'.

The upcoming series of the reality TV show will bring together a brand new bunch of unique and eccentric housemates, who will face various "tasks, secret missions and twists".

The iconic house has been given a 'Mad Men' 60s style makeover and the new series promises to be upbeat, glamorous, thrilling and mischievous.

From the moment the group enter the house the clock will start ticking and Big Brother will begin to play with the "concept of time", which will prove to be a "friend or an enemy" to series' contestants.

Presenter Emma Willis, 39 - who has hosted the main show since 2013 - will front the series and its Live Launch, while Rylan Clark, 26, will return to front 'Big Brother's Bit On the Side'.

The former 'X Factor' contestant will be joined by celebrity panellists and an audience of BB fans to discuss the latest topics of the house, reveal exclusives as well as go behind the scenes of the main series.

'Big Brother: Timebomb' launches live on Tuesday May 12 at 9pm on Channel 5

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