Cadence Weapon - Afterparty Babies (4 stars)

Cadence Weapon

(Big Dada)


It’s not entirely fair to say we need another smartass boy shooting his mouth off over gristly beats but here’s another, who, despite initial impressions has dealt us a hand of oddly affecting, raw and human stories.

Cadence Weapon follows in the great tradition of Spank Rock’s dextrous, dextrose-filled take on hip hop, sourcing sounds and beats from across the spectrum of electronic music. The Alberta, Canada native scrawls from a similarly diverse rucksack of magic markers. Evil, thunking house beats, twisted antique drum machines and overheating electronics combine to make something beguiling and almost sweet.

Taking on trend-setting fakers and flaky fashionistas in one verse then switching to reflect on the pains of 20-something lust or, erm, real estate, Cadence Weapon reminds us that there’s pretty much no limit to hip hop’s boundaries given the right amount of imagination.

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