Susanna Reid doesn't get starstruck

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  • 25 April 2015
Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid

'Good Morning Britain' presenter Susanna Reid insists she doesn't get starstruck interviewing some of the world's biggest celebrities

Susanna Reid doesn't get starstruck.

The 'Good Morning Britain' presenter interviews a number of famous faces for the ITV show but insists she never finds herself getting too nervous as the celebrities are "just human beings".

She said: "I don't get starstruck, because they're just people, human beings. So I find it very easy to chat to anyone."

The 44-year-old television personality recalled a particular day when she brought her son Jack with her to the studios and says interviewee David Beckham was "so brilliant" with the boy.

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Sometimes when you're very relaxed with someone, and you're having a laugh with them, like David Beckham, and he opens up about his family, about his children, then sometimes that gets reported in a mischievous way.

"The irony of that day is that my youngest son Jack was off sick from school so I'd dragged him to the studio with me, and David was so brilliant with him. He was far, far more interested in him than me or anybody else in the studio.

"He signed a pair of football boots for him, and was absolutely lovely. He was just being a fantastic dad, and somebody who is able to talk to anybody."

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