MasterChef contestant compared to Mr Monopoly

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  • 24 April 2015
Tony Rodd

Tony Rodd

Star of 'MasterChef' Tony Rodd gets compared to the Mr. Monopoly and the man on the box of Pringles crisps

'MasterChef' contestant Tony Rodd is frequently compared to Mr. Monopoly.

The 33-year-old star of BBC's 'MasterChef' has been told he looks like the man on the box of the family board game, Rich Uncle Pennybags, because he has a moustache, round glasses and wears bow ties like the icon for the game.

He told The Sun newspaper: "There's been the odd comment that's been rude but 98 per cent of it has been supportive and lots have been funny - they've compared me to the Monopoly guy or the Pringles tube man."

The comparison has gathered pace via social media, with many online users taking to their Twitter accounts to comment on the likeness between Tony and Mr. Monopoly.

One fan posted a picture of her puppy in a bow tie with the message: "Hendricks the french bulldog is showing his firm support of @TonyRoddUK by sporting this little bow tie! #masterchef (sic)"

Tony - who is a recruitment consultant - is conscious of the online obsession with his looks, and admitted: "I've seen photos of children who have dressed up as me by sticking on moustaches and putting on bow ties."

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