Let Me Show You Some Things: The Magic Lantern, Robert Orchardson and Sarah Tripp (4 stars)


CCA, Glasgow, until Sat 29 Mar

This collaborative installation brings together a large collection of films previously shown at The Magic Lantern (an independent film night at the CCA), a new film by Sarah Tripp and sculptures by Robert Orchardson. The short film format is ideally suited to screening in the gallery space. Longer features can quickly become wallpaper, and the viewer can feel pinned to the wall or the chair, in some kind of eyeballing contest with the screen. That said, it’s worth spending half an hour with Tripp’s film – a meditative examination of the abyss between an orphaned brother and sister, where flights of nostalgia, card games, fortune telling fish and hot air balloon rides can’t quell the sense of loss.

In CCA 2, a modernist construction with no discernible use by Orchardson becomes a collection of flat rectangular screens on which shorts (curated by The Magic Lantern for the Glasgow Film Festival) are shown. The gallery-goer, now in TV-watching mode, can flick through seven chapters, groups of films shown under thematic titles such as ‘Kith and Kin’, ‘Night Terrors’ and ‘How do I Love You?’ With the gallery almost empty, the viewer can jump back and forth at will, following their own whims and desires. This means that your mood or proclivities unfold in front of you, meandering through award-winning films about gay wrestlers in Iceland (‘Wrestling’ by Grimur Hakonarsson), for instance, and drunk dads in India (‘Bare’, by Santana Issar).

Let Me Show You Some Things

  • 4 stars

Sculptural installation and videotheque pieces by Glasgow sculptor Robert Orchardson, all designed around writer and inter-disciplinary artist Sarah Tripp's short film 'Let Me Show You Some Things', which will be screened on the installation.

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