Siriusmodeselektor at Riverside Festival, Glasgow

Siriusmodeselektor at Riverside Festival, Glasgow

Credit: Birgit Kaulfuss

Berlin-based supergroup comprising Siriusmo and Modeselektor play Europe this summer

Carrying on the spirit of collaboration which has seen them twice team up with Apparat to release records as Moderat, Berlin-based duo Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, aka Modeselektor, have now teamed up with Siriusmo (Moritz Friedrich) as Siriusmodeselektor. This May they play one of their earliest dates together at Glasgow’s Riverside Festival, and all three told us more via email.

How did the three of you come to work together?

Moritz Friedrich (Siriusmo): We’ve known each other a long time, we grew up in the same area of Berlin. It's a small community – nearly everybody who did electronic music kind of knew each other back in those days, so we became friends.

How do your tastes in music fit together, and how do these influences combine to form Siriusmodeselektor?

MF: Even though we have different tastes and interests in music, there are also a lot of commonalities, especially when it comes down to an energy or a vibe. We'd already made music together in the past and there were always tracks of each others' that we loved. Those are the ones we want to perform together this summer.

Are you working on productions together this time, or is it exclusively a live thing?

MF: There was no big idea behind it – just having fun, playing our music together on stage, doing some jam sessions and going with the flow.

So what can we expect from the live show?

Sebastian Szary (Modeselektor): The live show feels a bit like a battle between Siriusmo and Modeselektor, but we will play tracks from both of the projects together that are especially suited to live versions, with new parts in or sometimes parts taken out. Moritz will play most of the keys, Gernot and I will play beats and FX.

What sort of visuals have been created for the live set?

SS: After more than 15 years working together with [Berlin-based design and VJ collective] Pfadfinderei, it's still important to play with visual content – it gives the show another layer or dimension, and bringing a light operator helps to make people go crazy...

What do you know about the Riverside Festival, and what do you think of Glasgow crowds in general?

Gernot Bronsert: We’ve played in Glasgow before and loved it, it will be our first time at Riverside though. The venue looks very nice and we’re looking forward to performing our new show a lot.

Siriusmodeselektor play the Riverside Festival, Glasgow, Fri 29 May.

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Riverside Festival

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