Ed Sheeran does his 'tasty dance' on Brothers Green: EATS!

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  • 24 April 2015
Ed Sheeran on Brothers Green: EATS!

Ed Sheeran on Brothers Green: EATS!

Ed Sheeran did his "tasty dance" after sampling haggis quesadillas on new MTV show 'Brothers Green: EATS!'

Ed Sheeran performed his "tasty dance" on MTV show 'Brothers Green: EATS!' after snacking on haggis quesadillas.

The 'Thinking Out Loud' hitmaker joined Mark and Josh Greenfield and fellow guest David Hasselhoff on the pair's upcoming TV series and Ed couldn't resist busting some moves after trying the Scottish-inspired meal.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Mark revealed: "Ed was definitely confused when we were cooking for him. He was reluctant - but then you start making it - and once he tasted it he did this dance, saying, 'This is my tasty dance.' "

Josh added: "But in the end he was calling people over saying, 'You've got to try this.' "

The Hoff dressed as William Wallace - Mel Gibson's character in 'Braveheart' - for the culinary experience.

Mark revealed: "Hasselhoff was dressed as William Wallace - so he was like 'Braveheart!'. He was really enthusiastic."

Ed also performed his hit single 'Sing' with a backing band of bagpie players on the show which was a thrill for the brothers.

Josh said: "Ed did a performance with bagpipe players backing him on his song 'Sing'. You can tell when he is playing music that is his happy place and it seems like food is second."

Mark added "Ed is really humble and chill and kind of quiet. It's cool to see he is one of the biggest artists in the world. "

'Brothers Green: EATS!' is to air weekly at 9pm on MTV from Tuesday April 28.

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