Scottish Ballet: Exalt and 5 Tangos

Scottish Ballet: Exalt and 5 Tangos

5 Tangos

Classical meets contemporary in new double-bill

A week is a long time in politics, but as Christopher Hampson discovered, it can be a pretty long time at a ballet company too. Returning to Scottish Ballet’s Glasgow headquarters, after joining some of the dancers on tour, he discovered something very special had happened in his absence.

A research and development week between choreographer Marc Brew, integrated dance company Indepen-dance 4, and ten dancers from Scottish Ballet had borne fruit.

‘We brought Marc in to see how his work would look with everyone together,’ says Hampson. ‘And when I came back they did a showing and the joy was just palpable, it was really instant. Great communication, a lovely sharing of ideas and a lot of trust had built up.

I’d only been away for a week, but I saw this group of people that had become their own company, they’d morphed into this fab little off-shoot. And I thought let’s not make it an off-shoot, let’s make it part of what we do with the main company.’

Hampson was then asked to provide the opening performance for the inaugural Dance International Glasgow festival. Brew’s Exalt, in a double bill with Hans van Manen’s 5 Tangos, seemed like the perfect fit. Not only is Exalt enjoyable to watch (having sat through a rehearsal, I can vouch for Hampson’s ‘palpable joy’ statement) but it has given both sets of dancers a fresh outlook.

‘Indepen-dance wanted their dancers to be challenged, and to continue their professional development alongside peers at Scottish Ballet, so that’s why it all came about,’ explains Hampson. ‘But I think it’s been a challenge for everybody, and an amazing experience for all involved.’

Scottish Ballet Double of Exalt and 5 Tangos takes place, Fri 24–Sat 25 Apr at Tramway, Glasgow.

Scottish Ballet Double Bill

Scottish Ballet present a double bill featuring Exalt in collaboration with Indepen-dance 4, and Hans van Manen’s 5 Tangos.